Top 10 Smartphones Dubai - iPhone 7 Dubai - Google Pixel & Pixel XL

Which are top 10 Smartphones Dubai UAE?

As posted on Quora. These are our top 10 Smartphones Dubai, UAE. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: No questions about why this would be anyone’s favorite. Apple out did themselves with a waterproof device with a much better camera and Built-in hard disk capacity of upto 256GB. Google Pixel and Pixel XL: This smartphone […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - What Rumors Tell Us!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Why This Note is a Game Changer!

Samsung set its bar high with Galaxy Note 5 on the Smartphone market, and now it is ready to release the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 7 soon. Samsung has come up with more advanced and function features in its latest edition of the Galaxy Note Series. It seems, recently the company has confirmed the releasing date of Note […]

Dell XPS 13 vs. Lenovo X1 Carbon - 10 Things That Should Influence Your Decision

Dell XPS 13 vs. Lenovo X1 Carbon – 10 Things That Should Influence Your Decision

Dell XPS 13 and Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon both are excellent products to buy in Dubai, it is only your choice, why and how you prefer your laptop.  Some users prefer Lenovo X1 Carbon for its efficiency and doing production work, including Adope Photoshop, MS Office, etc., and some user prefers Dell XPS more for entertainment, […]

Moto 360 vs. Huawei Watch W1: Best Smartwatch?

Moto 360 vs. Huawei Watch W1: Best Smartwatch?

Unlike the 2014 watches, the Android watches design has evolved significantly, and now you can find some of the best-looking Smartwatch that look elegant and modern.  The second-gen Moto 360 Watch and the Huawei Watch W1 are the best looking watches, but they are very expensive at the same time. Both, Motorola and Huawei are […]

Best Low Priced Smartphones in Dubai, UAE

Best Low Priced Smartphones in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE is one of the busiest markets for mobile brands like Apple, Samsung, etc. UAE is famous for its competitive price on electronic goods. Apple opened up its Official Apple Store recently in Mall of Emirates in Dubai. We know Apple revolutionized the Smartphone with their first-gen iPhone and raised the bar and set the standard […]


Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge: All you need to know

Samsung launched its two new flagships Smartphone Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 in February before MWC (Mobile World Congress). These two new flagships are definitely the best products of the Samsung as they were sold immediately after their release. When you compare both phones, well, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both have same storage, […]

Smartphone of the year 2016 Dubai UAE

Smartphone of the year 2016 Dubai UAE |

The best Smartphone always comes with high-standard features and covers the entire list, including all sizes, operating systems, and prices. Also, the best Smartphone features reflect on new versions, changes and latest technology, so that it can help you choose the right device that comes under your budget. Here you can find the best Smartphone […]

Galaxy S7 Price Dubai UAE

Device Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7: Compact with Many Hidden Gems!! Launched on 11th March 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7  has already received rave reviews when it comes to design, the overall feel and the much awaited MicroSD upgrade which is a life saver at times. We at MikeNSmith took special time to review this device and give the […]