MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book: The Battle for the Best

MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book: The Battle for the Best

The Surface Book is a Microsoft’s first real laptop, and the company’s identification of the Surface Book is very simple.  On the company’s website, the Surface Book area shows that Microsoft is redefining the laptop. The company believes that designing a notebook PC can help reform and restore the expensive PC space. It is particularly designed to make the customer trade or ignore the 13inch MacBook Pro. However, the Surface Book’s silver, sleek design, and sharp screen make you think about Apple’s notebook, but, Microsoft’s laptop comes with unique techniques, including a removable touch display that has useful pen functions for taking notes or sketching.

Ports and Design

The Surface Book is not just a simple Surface it has some of the unique features, including sleek magnesium, silver design, and contains flexible articulation design allows you to remove the display easily.  But, the Surface Book is still little heavy and it is little difficult to open the lid.  The New MacBook Pro design is not changed much from the earlier models. But it has some delicate curves around each corner and slim edges make Apple’s notebook look new and slim and it doesn’t cross for a makeover.

The MacBook Pro contains 2 USB 3.0 ports, an SD Card slot, an HDMI port and 2 thunderbolts 2 ports that are considered as ideal for attaching to big storage drives and HD displays. However, the Surface Book’s has an impressive design, but the MacBook Pro has a more advanced design which makes it little better than Surface Book.

The MacBook Pro is created from aluminum and it is designed in a way to fit all its parts in one single piece shell.  Legitimately, Microsoft new 13inch MacBook Pro model comes with a Retina Display.  The Retina Display on the MacBook has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The higher resolution display contains more details.  The 4700 AED laptop contains 2.7GHZ dual-core Intel Core i5 processors, 256GB storage, 8GB of RAM.

The Surface Book 6079 AED model comes with 256GB Storage and Retina Display. The bottom of the Surface Book contains magnesium and comes with a convex silver keys projected from its hard frame. Most of the notebooks look thin when they are closed, but, the Surface Book looks thinners in the front and little bigger on the back.


The Surface Book uses fulcrum articulation to keep the display in place. This hinge assures that the display quivers less when a user uses the touch screen display.  The Surface Book contains 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution, which makes it better display than the MacBook Pro. Though both the notebooks contain unquestionably outstanding displays, but Surface Book has little better display than the MacBook Pro (2560 x 1600 pixel resolution).

Both the notebooks offer practically equal in brightness and the MacBook Pro display (389-nit) just more than the Surface Book display (387-nit).  However, the Surface Book wins over the MacBook Pro in color accuracy and representation, replicating 98.5% of the RGB color gamut and marking E of 0,57.  The MacBook recorded 91.2% and 1.2 for those individual tests.

Both Surface Book and MacBook Pro have unique features and both have their own pros and cons. Whether you want the MacBook Pro or the Surface Book, then you should know how you are going to use your notebook.