Galaxy S7 Price Dubai UAE

Device Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7: Compact with Many Hidden Gems!!

Launched on 11th March 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7  has already received rave reviews when it comes to design, the overall feel and the much awaited MicroSD upgrade which is a life saver at times. We at MikeNSmith took special time to review this device and give the consumer in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE, relevant information about this Smartphone.

The Display:

At 1440 x 2560 pixels, the Display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Dubai is just breath taking. The 5.1” Smartphone comes with a major improved in the Display Panel which is more Durable and Scratchproof than ever before. As seen with the Galaxy S6, Samsung really takes visuals seriously, and again with the Galaxy S7, they have made a device which is perfect for watching videos on YouTube, instagram, and other video platforms.

Wide Angle, Quad HD Display on the S7 makes the User experience a memorable one.

The Screen is made of glass and therefore, like all its predecessors, Galaxy S7 has a very delicate display.


Overall, Samsung Galaxy S7 is easily one of the best smart phones available in the world. You can buy it here.