Sony PS4 vs Xbox One Price Dubai UAE

10 Reasons Why Sony PS4 Beats Microsoft Xbox One in Dubai UAE

Much in contrast to the constant reports claiming that for the past couple of years, consoles are dying, this past year has proven to be one of the greatest console generations of all time.

Most of this success is due to Sony Playstation 4 in Dubai UAE, which is the reason for a whopping 36 million units worldwide, out of a total of 55 million sales.

Now these numbers pave the way to the first question that pops into every gamer’s head. Which console is the biggest rival of the PS, which donated its considerable share of 19 million units to the sale?

The answer is one we all know, Microsoft’s Xbox One is available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah at lower prices then Sony PS4. Now the next question, while the Xbox has been one of the most popular consoles in the decade, why is the PlayStation about twice as popular?

And that brings you to our article, 10 reasons why the PS has been overriding the Xbox, by a major wave.

  1. The Blunders of the Xbox One

Sony might have put their 100% into paving their path to success. But Microsoft puts their 110% into their complete downfall. To put in simple words, the biggest mistake which Microsoft made was thinking they could control their customers. They had to refuse to listen to what the gamers wanted and instead tried to tell them that they wanted. This small yet massive destructive blunder of Microsoft, made the Xbox lose its thunder just as quickly as it got it.

  1. Price Advantages

Undoubtedly one of the most important factors for the sale of any product is its price and value.

Naturally, gamers found it a way better deal to get the PS4 at a launch price of $399, a full $100 less than the Xbox’s $499.

  1. Higher-grade tech

In this console generation, Sony has bagged the prize for being the most powerful console.

Now, although terms like more frames per second and native resolutions sound foreign to the everyday gamer, what he does know is that the PS works better on his system than the Xbox.

For the majority of platforms, the PS proves to play better.

  1. Target Audience

Sony has a knack for understanding its target audience. This takes us back to the first point, where we discussed Microsoft’s huge blunder. The category wherein they failed, Sony has exceeded commendably. Regardless of the games or the gaming experience, Sony makes it a point to put customers before all. They know that the gamers know what they want. They put the power into their gamer’s hands, which has turned into a formula for massive success.

  1. Exclusivity of third parties

Xbox’s exclusive games of last year were definitely more successful in arousing the attention of customers with releases like Halo 5 & Forza Motorsport 6. But this did not matter much because of Sony’s astute deals with the 3rd party developers.

  1. Globalization

Sony has a huge heads up over Microsoft in regards to globalization. The three big gaming sales countries, North America, Japan, and Europe, are per se Sony bases. This gives PlayStation success wherever it goes, leaving Xbox behind.

  1. The Win

Sony might perhaps be one of the only brands to produce two products of a series, which have been equally successful. The PlayStation and PS2 both experienced massive success, although PS3 suffered a downfall, Sony’s ability to constantly win is what makes PS4 a much better purchase.

  1. A very large Install base

This might be one of the cleverest tricks that Sony has pulled out the bag yet. When a gamer heads over to a fellow gamers house, he’s much more likely to notice the large install base of a playStation, which is pretty big in comparison to the Xbox.

  1. PS plus

PS plus offers many free games and other great benefits which allowed it to get a huge number of subscribers when it was initiated. Although Xbox offers some of these advantages and maybe better ones, but PS plus plays a big part in making customers of PS4 satisfied.

  1. Design Aesthetics

Finally, the design of the PS4, which may be minor, but is vital, plays a part in the customers appeal to it. A classy, beautiful, jet black slim console makes it all the more desirable.